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Smart Home Care aged care in home technologies helping the elderly live longer happier lives within their own homes using a combination of integrated wired and wireless solutions.


Smarthome care tech NZ aged care services is currently involved in the integration and development of smart technology solutions for in home elderly smart asisted living via wired and wireless smarthome tech monitoring and health management sysems.

Future disabled and aged in home care health monitoring will enable elderly dementia altzheimers patients to live longer more satisfying lives within their own homes using integrated smart sensors and wearable  smarthome care telehealth monitoring technologies.

A combination of wired and wireless Zigbee RFID mesh networked smarthomes will deliver a decentralized telehealth biometrics and other intelligent networks combined with smart wearable sensor devices used to monitor and manage in home care for the elderly and dissabled communities that want to live independant safer and longer lives within the home enviroment.


Smarthome care Tech companies in both Australia and New Zealand are currently undergoing Beta stage testing of the smarthome care systems aimed to supply low cost with reliability and flexability to tomorrows aging and dissabled population wanting to stay longer in their own homes.


Cabling and Smart equipment certified technology installers.  

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