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NZ has a proven record to integrate & test technologies prior to launching throughout the rest of the world and is seen as a value-add bonus.
But from my experience and observations - kiwis rarely end up sharing in the long term financial rewards of overseas rollouts.
Populated by a pervasive number 8wire mentality population of tech savvy problem fixers.

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Smarthome® Care Technologies

Customised networks combining security data home automation and wireless technologies.

Hi tech integrated aids and services to support & manage the aged infirm and disabled to live longer and healthier lives within their own homes.

Utilising passive non-invasive interactive technologies spread throughout the home for enhancing health monitoring and enviromental management solutions.

IP wireless and smartcabling smartwired systems combined with security & home automation futurehomes = we will see robotics becoming more common as IRUI Interactive Interfaces for future integrated home technologies comes onto the market.

Future integrated Smarthome® care solutions will have the ability to be scaled up or down depending on the residents changing needs as required.

Telehealth within the home combined with Smarthome® technologies - smart watches and clever pendants integrated with smartphone apps and interconnected with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are fast becoming the platform to deliver a flexible scalable solution of in-home health care and Smarthome® management = future home.

Integration of a scalable telehealth home station gathers real time information via smartwatch or clever pendants and smartphone apps to be integrated / connected via the home care monitoring platform within the futurehome.

A Smart cabling network cabling and wireless systems are required for any new or existing home to be prepared for the Futurehome® Smarthome® care

Cabling Services:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) IRUI (Interactive Robotic User Interface) in the futurehome will act as an intermediate access point for the home occupant from anywhere in the home to enguage or prompt with verbal requests via the Smarthome® care systems GUI app or IRUI interface also integrated into the smart home automation networks within the premises.

Audio visual monitoring and communications control interconnected with AI platforms such as Siri Alexa or Cortana to control the connection of video or audio links / media / cameras and health monitoring equipment will also be extended to the Smarthome care occupant via smartphone apps or the robots IRUI system.

Security camera systems and teleconferencing can be streemed to any tv or networked to external personal health management for monitoring off site by health professionals from different internal systems over external networks.

New Zealand is number #1 to test & trial launch of new tech.
Also voted by world bank #1 for simplicity on doing business report 2020.
Populated by a pervasive number 8wire mentality population of tech savy problem fixers.

NZ has a proven record to uptake integrate test technologies prior to launching to the rest of the world and is seen as a bonus.

The Problem is as I have seen so many times over the last 30 yrs - Is that in many cases, it's not NZ entrepreneurs that actually end up reaping the long term rewards.

We as fundamentally honest diligent Kiwis end up doing all the hard work & value add service of debugging or streamlining new technologies to make the product more marketable and test credible to the rest of the world.

But from my experience and observations - Kiwis seem to rarely end up sharing in the long term financial rewards.

Overseas companies also enjoy little to no fear of blow out costs from lawsuits during the process ( ACC in NZ ) so this also makes New zealand very attractive.

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